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Data Breaches 2012

17,491,690+ records were exposed.


Data Breaches 2013

91,978,932+ records wre exposed.


Data Breaches up to September 2014

18,953,433+ records exposed as of 09/22/2014.

2005 to August 2014
956,234,475 records exposed from 4,695 breaches
(source: Identity Thef Resource Center)

Network Infiltration Group

NI@root is a security research and security services company specializing in finding data exposures and in-depth network infiltration testing.

Data Hunting

Advanced Shodan searches,, Google Dorking, Manual Browsing, URL manipulation

Advanced Social Engineering

Shodan recon searches, intense searches to identify targets, gain credentials

Network Infiltration

From low hanging fruit to in-depth network infiltration using open source tools

Who We Are? Meet Our Single Woman Team!

Dana Taylor


15 intense years in the information security field.
Finder of data, Ethical Hacker and passionate.

In The Press

Newsworth Articles

Government agencies not securing your data, or your kids'

  • September 15th, 2014

By CNN chief Washington correspondent Jake Tapper (CNN) – You might think that your government is vigilant when it comes to securing your personal information, or that of your children. You would be wrong. Hackers have discovered one of the biggest potential security holes of the modern era, one that can leave data exposed to any hacker willing to find it. And in at least one instance, that vulnerability has resulted in a data breach impacting almost three dozen children and their families.Read More

Rhino Security Labs - Oracle Data Exposure Vulnerability

  • September 20, 2014

There are times when working in cyber-security feels like any other job. You show up every morning, have a cup of coffee and scan your emails. You review code and run tests, you write reports, you attend meetings, and then you go home. But other times, you stumble across something that scares the crap out of you. With a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, you pick up the phone and you call the FBI and the Secret Service. One of our cyber-security experts, Dana Taylor, had a morning like that, not very long ago. She discovered a vulnerability in versions of Oracle software being used by hundreds of high-profile organizations, both in the United States and around the world.. Read More

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